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  • With the theme of "small makes big" in mind, Brand 7 spent one year conducting surveys and interviews to find out how small creative studios around the world impressed Fortune 500....
  • Returning to its simple name at a brand-new start, Brand 6 distinguishes itself by introducing a new evaluating system of works and adding a revolutionary...
  • Finding the bygone wonderland: At the end of the 20th Century, computer marked the transition from industrial revolution to technology revolution, boosting the...
Brand 7

Evolved from Brand 2007 and Brand 6, Brand 7 is like an old friend, yet with a completely new look! In this edition you can find, as in previous ones, a relentless quest for breakthroughs....More »
Brand 6

Returning to its simple name at a brand-new start, Brand 6 distinguishes itself by introducing a new evaluating system of works and adding a revolutionary column of “Creative Archive”...More »
Brand! VOL.5

The 5th volume of Brand! has come! A new volume, a new landscape, with our unfailing dedication to innovation conceptually and practically...More »
Brand! VOL.4

How to build a successful brand? It is for sure that the brand will not succeed only by visual communication design, like a beautiful dress can make you refreshing, but it cannot...More »
.exe ISSUE 04/Known And Unknown: Handmade Designs

554 pages (in three volumes), In-depth interviews with 35 remarkable designers and design studios (in English and Chinese with pictures of their creative environment), Special issue Outside of Design: LEGO brick artist Nathan Sawaya, Over 350 pieces of extraordinary handmade designs...More »
Packaging Vol.2

Packaging Vol.2 shares with you the implemented outstanding and the latest packaging design from 44 countries and regions around the world. It collected over 600 packaging design cases with more than 2400 pictures, from many well-known brands such as: Hermes, Nike, Adidas, McDonald's, Unilever, P&G, Coca-Cola, Rolls Royce, Audi, 3M. And you can also hear some big names of...More »
iSpace VOL.3

The user experience is particularly important in the areas of interior/spatial design, like House/Residential, Hotel, Restaurant, Retail Store/Shopping, Workplace, Exhibition...More »
Retail Store Spaces: Design and Visual Merchandising

With over 1800 sumptuous photographs, Fashion Retail reveals how the world?ˉs top labels...More »

With 2800 full-color photos, features 110 award-winning new specialty shops, department stores, shop-in-shops, shopping center kiosks, food courts, counter-service...More »
Explore more possibilities of design

Design tends to be increasingly comprehensive and cross-disciplinary. These new design philosophies and potentials are seen...More »
Capture the best Advertising

Advertising brings changes to our life and the future, and the most powerful force behind is creativity. Based on such a fact, Capture...More »
1000 Works of 100 Young Designers {Episode 2}

This book collected spiffy graphics designers who born in 70-80's, 10 works which produced from apr 2006-mar 2007 for each...More »
Brand Vision 2007

How do you create a corporate identity that is appealing and easily remembered? At what point does the brand experience succeed or fail? Take a look at some brands...More »
1000 Works of 100 Young Designers {Episode 1}

The annual collection of about 300 works by graphic designers in china which covers variety of categories such as Poster, General...More »
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